A trained staff is a profitable staff.  I will have them:

  •   Learn the major wine types.
  •   Understand food and wine matching.
  •   Review best methods for interacting with customers.
  •   Learn proper presentation methods.

These wine selling strategies can be presented on site or off site.

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Wine Training    2019

Compare  wines with sample dishes or cheeses.

Review characteristics of each.

Review pronunciations and descriptions.



All tables should get a wine list.

If customer has difficulty evaluating selections, be able to answer questions.

Dry vs. sweet, light vs dark, crisp vs mellow, full bodied vs mild.

Customer may substantiation of choice, may ask  server.

My favorite, we can’t keep it in stock, most popular, great match for entrée.

Alberto brought two bottles. Duplicate of choice. Best sales technique.

Offer sample if possible.



Show wine to customer to identify make and vintage.

How to open, and pour sample.

Allow customer to taste and verify purchase.

Pour glasses to ladies first.

One bottle will fill four glasses.

Pour buyer last, ask if the buyer would like a second bottle to have handy.

Leave the bottle on the table where other diners will see.

Dress up bottle with napkin.


Silent salespeople

Wine glasses on table.

Large formats on display.

Table tents.

Wine pictures on walls.